Thompson’s Barbeque Beef Jerky

BBQ – Sweet & Spicy with a Kick!

Barbeque beef Jerky, with all natural flavor and the highest quality USA grown beef this is sure to please your taste buds. This is our own BBQ blend a favorite for all, once you try it you will know why! Barbeque beef jerky is just that, no preservatives with a premium cut from the eye of the round you will enjoy the all-natural sweet & spicy with a kick BBQ real beef jerky.

Every slice of Thompsons Smokehouse barbeque Jerky is thicker than the normal jerky. The texture is thick melt in your mouth type of moist! The thicker slices makes it easier to chew, moist and very flavorful making it the best jerky in Utah.

Whether you are going camping, hiking or hunting in Utah, make sure you take along Thompson’s Smokehouse BBQ jerky. Enjoy nature with our melt in your mouth goodness, burst of all natural beef flavor, delicious world famous jerky. When you combine your outdoor activities with Thompsons Smokehouse World Famous barbeque jerky make sure you bring enough to share. It is definitely, always a crowd pleaser.

Ordering your Barbeque jerky online from Utah? Enjoy a free pound of jerky (any flavor) on us! When you purchase 5 pounds of jerky get a free pound, mix and match the flavors just let us know at checkout what flavor you would like for free. You will be receiving you order within 5 to 10 days. So order frequently and enjoy the best jerky in Utah.


Marc H.

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Holy Jerky. Ok so I’m driving cross country with my friend Nema S. and we get a hankering for some jerky. So, naturally, I look up jerky in Utah, and lo and behold, Thompson’s pops up. It’s about 5mi off of 80 East, so it’s a minor detour. We walk in, and the place kinda looks like a gas station convenience store. Simple. Kinda grimy. Old. But, then I saw it, the glass deli case to the left, with slabs upon slabs of jerky. I’m not talking O’Berto’s or Pemmican here, we’re talking thick, juicy, and wonderfully prepared jerky goodness. Cajun, BBQ, Jalapeno, Regular, Teriyaki, Pepper, Turkey, Sausages, etc. Pure Awesomeness. I got half a pound of pepper and half a pound of jalapeno to go, which the guy was nice enough to air-seal for me since I told him I was going cross country and wouldnt be able to refrigerate it (this allows it to last 4-6 weeks at room temp). Then I also go a quarter pound of teriyaki to snack on in the car. Delicious. Not too hard, not too soft, nice and thick, great flavor. Oh, they will also skin a whole deer for $30 and an elk for $65…. in case you were wondering. PS. You can order their jerky from their website.


Hand sliced thick cuts of premium steak strips seasoned to perfection!

No preservatives and an all-Natural USA grown smoked BBQ beef flavor!

Our barbeque beef jerky is sweet & spicy with a kick!


Beef, Brown Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate, Spices, Paprika, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Natural Smoke Flavoring, and Spice Extractives, (Not more than 2 % Soybean Oil added an a Processing aid), Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Nitrate.

Thompson’s Barbeque Beef Jerky BBQ – Sweet & Spicy with a Kick! Barbeque beef Jerky, with all natural flavor and the highest quality USA grown beef this is sure

3975 N Hwy 36
United States