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    Love the jerky! Always recommend this place to everyone for quality jerky. W ...

  • david-h

    Tooele, UT

    This is absolutely the "Best" beef jerky ever. Well worth the trip to Erda/S ...

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    Best jerky I have ever had. I've been coming here since I was a kid. Every t ...

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    I love to support local shops and this is definitely worth the trip. The bes ...

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    Salt Lake City, UT

    Best jerky in the world bar none! My favorite flavor is the Cajun.

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    Fayetteville, NC

    If you are looking for some down home service and fantastic beef jerky, look ...

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    Freshest jerky you'll ever taste! Pricey, but so worth it. People travel f ...

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    Best Jerkey I've ever had. I live in Salt Lake and often make trips out to E ...

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    Great jerky!

    Thompson’s Turkey Jerky

    Turkey Jerky – Thick cuts moist & tender – peppered seasoning

    Turkey Jerky, with all natural flavor and the highest quality USA grown turkey’s this is sure to please your taste buds. This is our own pepper season blend a favorite for those who enjoy turkey, once you try it you will know why! Turkey jerky is just that, no preservatives with premium cuts, you will enjoy the all-natural real turkey jerky.

    Every slice of Thompsons Smokehouse turkey Jerky is thicker than the normal jerky. The texture is thick, real moist & tender, melt in your mouth type of moist! The thicker slices makes it easier to chew, moist and very flavorful making it the best turkey jerky in Utah!

    Want healthy snack to grab on the go! Thompson’s Smokehouse World Famous Jerky has a Turkey Jerky to meet that need. Great source of protein, for any activity that you have planned. Running errands, shopping, game days or for your lazy days make sure you have turkey jerky as your snack. You will enjoy the convenience and the great moist peppered seasoned turkey jerky.

    Ordering your turkey jerky online from Utah? Enjoy a free pound of jerky (any flavor) on us! When you purchase 5 pounds of jerky get a free pound, mix and match the flavors just let us know at checkout what flavor you would like for free. You will be receiving you order within 5 to 10 days. So order frequently and enjoy the best jerky in Utah.


    Brigham W.

    Local Guide · 72 reviews · 100 photos

    This has to be some of if not the best Jerky in Utah. This place makes it and smokes it here no outside anything. They make a bunch of varieties. The make an regular flavor, spicy,teriyaki, jalapeno, and a few others. They also make turkey jerky with is my favorite.


    Hand sliced thick cuts of premium turkey strips seasoned to perfection!

    No preservatives and an all-Natural USA grown smoked turkey flavor!

    Our turkey jerky is a thicker cut, real moist and tender with a peppered seasoning!


    Turkey, Salt, Spices, sugar, Pepper, Garlic, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Nitrate.

    Thompson’s Turkey Jerky Turkey Jerky – Thick cuts moist & tender – peppered seasoning Turkey Jerky, with all natural flavor and the highest quality USA grown tu

    3975 N Hwy 36
    United States